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Business Optimisation: DTag provide each driver a unique ID tag

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Need sufficient business management tools to ensure optimum performance?

Poor driver performance, running late, excessive fuel consumption and poor resource management can all be detrimental to your business. Become more effective with Digit Technologies: Tracking, Automated Logbooks, DTag, DCut, DTemp and more...


Drivers & Operators: DTag provides each driver with a unique ID tag for detailed monitoring & management

Security: Ensure your security team is monitoring the right areas at the right time with DTag checkpoint scanning

DTag provide each driver a unique ID tag that will allow you to determine exactly who started a particular vehicle when, the route they took from start to finish and when they stepped out the vehicle concerned. DTag can be used to differentiate between business and private trips for SARS logbook. DTag coupled with DFuel systems are simple yet effective solutions that assist you in managing your fleet of vehicles and your business's performance...

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The unique Digit Dcut solution is designed to give you total control of your vehicle in conjunction with the added security of immobilising you vehicle should the tracking system be removed. Often vehicles are stolen and professional thieves manage to trace the tracking device and remove or destroy it within seconds. Digit Dcut will recognise this and cut-out the vehicles engine so that the vehicle cannot be driven away. In situations where a vehicle has to be recovered, the Dcut system can be remotely activated by secure SMS to either bring a vehicle to a safe stop or prevent it from being moved.



Cold Storage | Temperature Monitoring & Control: Ensure perishable stock is at the right temperature at all times - Get temperature updates every 25 seconds.

Ensure perishable stock is at the right temperature at all times! Losing perishable stock such as food, liquids, medicines or chemicals can be very costly. Managing and controlling temperatures for large volumes of stock may be challenging at times. With Digit's DTemp solutions, track, monitor and manage perishable stock that is on the move [mobile] or is being stored at fixed locations that may not be in your direct control. Whether your high-valued perishable stock is on the move or in remote fixed locations, take back control and ensure you are maximising performance and profit margins. System Alarms, Email or SMS/ Text Alerts can be set to notify you as soon as the temperature climes above a predetermined setting. Temperature data is updated every 25 seconds to ensure you are always-up-to-date with the smallest of incremental change and allowing you to take the necessary action as soon as possible. DTemp solutions work in conjunction with other Digit technologies such as Digit Vehicle tracking, DFuel, DTag etc. to ensure optimum fleet management and safety at all times.

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  • The latest and most cost effective offering from Digit
  • Live track from website on PC or smart phone
  • Also compatible with our Powerful fleet management software


It is a Waterproof IP66 personal tracker suitable for People, Guards, Children, Assets, Pets and also parcels. With its easy to use features and rugged nature, the Porti is equipped with an SOS button. A person using the device is only one click away from calling the programmed numbers for help. This device can facilitate two-way communication along with the option to listen-in, which can be very helpful when discretely trying to locate a missing person. Give your loved ones peace a mind when they are traveling, hiking, camping, etc. Personal & vehicle tracking has never been easier. Lightweight and supplied with a rechargeable battery pack that lasts for up to a week depending on settings.

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