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Track & Manage Almost Anything, 24/7!

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Digit Western Cape | TrackTRACK

Digit solutions allow you to track, monitor and manage almost anything, 24/7 - from vehicles, driver/ operator performance/ behavior [speed - DTag/DNav], distances, locations [route tracking], diesel/ fuel management [DFuel], automated logbooks of travel [SARS complaint], checkpoint monitoring [DTag], management of high valued assets [i.e. Boats, aeroplanes, helicopters etc], Tipper Alarms for offloading of cargo, temperature monitoring [DTemp: with updates every 25 seconds], laptops, bags, pets and more... The possibilities are endless!

Digit Western Cape | Monitor MONITOR

Once the hardware device/s have been installed or sent to you, we will ensure your Digit management account have been created and is linked to the tracking device concerned. Thereafter all details will be confirmed and you can either access your account via the Internet or download the software to install on almost any PC/ laptop for simplified, but powerful tracking, monitoring and management, 24/7.

You can even set System Alarms and/or SMS/ TXT Alerts to notify you of a device's current position, any movement of that device and if the device moves outside a specified range, as and when it occurs - All these notifications are live so that you are always well informed and up-to-date at all times.

Digit Western Cape | Manage MANAGE

Data history accessed from your desktop software is downloaded and kept on your local PC/ laptop. This information can be accessed offline both now and in the future and is yours to keep indefinitely. You own and have full control of all your data, even if you decide to terminate your contract in future. This allows for maximum monitoring and control through in-depth data [trend] analysis of your business. These powerful solutions enable you to optimise your business's performance for better results year-on-year.

Our automated logbook is SARS compliant and logbooks can even be submitted to SARS without any further intervention… That's how powerful and trusted our solutions are!

Digit Western Cape | Purchases & ContractsPURCHASES & CONTRACTS

There are NO contracts to tie you down like the rest of our competitors. You can pay a monthly subscription, no questions asked.

If you cancel your subscription, you will always have access to your data that is on your PC/ laptop. Once you pay for the equipment, you own it outright to sell or make use of as you see fit.

Digit Western Cape | Installations INSTALLATIONS

The DFuel and DTemp installations, in particular, are fairly technical procedures and would have to be done at our fitment centre [We do offer an onsite installation for certain devices at an additional fee]. The installations in general are not overly simplified for security purposes. However, the smaller handheld (Porti) units allow for easy placement wherever you require for quick and simple tracking, monitoring and management.

Digit Western Cape | Powerful SystemsPOWERFUL SYSTEMS

Our tracking devices and fleet management systems are controlled by not a "slow" website based service, but a fast server based system. Once you download data from the server it's yours. You own your data downloaded onto your PC/ laptop to access whenever you want.

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