by / Sunday, 05 July 2015 / Published in Generel, News, True Stories

Fuel theft is a lucrative business for criminals but Australian felons were reportedly left questioning their stinking career path when they mistook a tank of human waste for a treasure trove of ‘liquid gold.’

The wannabe petrol thieves got a nasty surprise after they apparently tried to suck what they thought was gas from a commercial tour bus in Australia, reports the Western Australian Regional.
Instead of tapping into the vehicle’s fuel tank, they accidentally gained access to an on board ‘well’ of tourist droppings. Delicious.

Laverton Police Sergeant Heath Soutar speculated that the dim-witted toilet robbers made a “very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth”.

Perhaps the culprits will get off scot-free, since authorities have put on record that they have “zero interest” in investigating a case of missing feces.

Let’s hope they don’t kiss their mother with that mouth.

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