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Fuel theft is a lucrative business for criminals but Australian felons were reportedly left questioning their stinking career path when they mistook a tank of human waste for a treasure trove of ‘liquid gold.’ The wannabe petrol thieves got a nasty surprise after they apparently tried to suck what they thought was gas from a

Police are warning farmers and landowners to guard against fuel thieves, especially now the evenings are getting longer and darker. With the coming winter the longer nights provide thieves with more opportunities to strike at farms and outbuildings under the cover of darkness. We would urge farmers to put locks on their supply tanks and,


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The SAPD seems to be loosing the battle on crime as you can see in the statistics comparison between 2013 and 2014 July to September. Vehicle tracking is not just a management tool, it gives you control over where your vehicle is and what is happening to it. Take control today. Make contact! A quote is

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This year Rordon spent his birthday mostly in a helicopter en route to Gabon. As an extension of his training he and an instructor called Ivan flew a Eurocopter AS350B2 from Lanseria to Port Gentile and back. A total distance of around 8700 km and flying time of around 39 hours. The trip took six days and included: 22

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At 12:53 on the 7th of March 2012, I received a call notifying me of another hijacked vehicle. This call was unlike many others, not only because the caller was extremely calm and to the point, but more because who it was. The call came from my own father who had been hijacked and robbed

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