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Transport and Logistics is a cutthroat business already, trying to undercut and be cheaper than the next transporter. The problem is that with larger trucks holding anything from 400 litres of diesel at an average cost of R4 800 per tank, criminals will do anything to get their hands on it.

A few months ago Carte Blanche had a article on diesel skimming operations in South Africa and how out of hand it has gotten in and around the mayor cities of South Africa. This is not an industry that is bound to just vanish into thin air.

As highlighted in a recent article on transportworldafrica.co.za  the fuel price steadily increases, the rise in fuel theft and fraud poses a serious threat to transporter’s operating profits. In this article Simon Foulds spoke to some of the people involved in the transport industry. Regan Mackie (director African Track) stated: Thefts are on the increase as the value of fuel increases he also brought to light that theft collusion between drivers and filling station attendants includes giving false slips and getting cash in return.

CEO of cartrack John Edmeston also added:

The process is simple – drivers pull in for a short pit stop at these illegal stops to offload two or three 25-litre drums of diesel, and at any one time there can be up to 15 trucks being skimmed. It takes just a few minutes with the help of a hose pipe, a drum and a willing driver to raid a truck’s fuel tank, and the problem often goes undetected as fuel consumption is unpredictable.

Murray Price, MD of Eqstra Fleet Management gave the following tips:

Vehicle tracking, with full telematics features, is an essential requirement to achieve optimum fleet performance and drive down operational costs.

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Yes, getting a full fleet management product is a necessity but many of these companies don’t offer Fuel theft and monitoring for the vehicles and even less don’t have systems for the big stationary Bowsers that fuel these vehicles.

The thing is to have full fuel monitoring at your disposal. You want to monitor the delivery to your bowsers and trace every drop from where it leaves your bowser up and until it leaves your vehicle.

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If this is what you are looking for give us a call/email or type in your details below and we will get back to you. At Digit fuel management, fuel theft and monitoring a quote will cost you nothing, which is a lot less than what it costs not knowing what is happening in your vehicles.

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